Keep your feet happy with specialized orthotics care 

Feet are a complex network of bones, joints and muscles that handle forces that are many times our body weight.

Our feet adjust and mold to the surface under them as a way to absorb impact and transmit that force up the leg. When our feet are in the correct position, other parts of our body – knees, hips and lower back - play their part in handling the physical impact of walking or running.

However, if the foot or ankle are not aligned properly, the forces generated by walking or running can result in pain in the foot, knee, hips and lower back. This may also result in bunions, arch pain, ankle pain and tingling or numbness of the foot and ankle.

One possible solution to this misalignment is orthotic devices. Orthotics are custom molded devices used to fill in gaps ensuring your foot and ankle are properly positioned and aligned to disperse force throughout the legs and major joints. The right orthotic device can eliminate pain.

Orthotics demo webWhile there are general orthotics available at your local drug store, they may not be sufficient to meet your needs. Instead, you can receive a complete one-on-one evaluation and recommendation from a specially trained Physical Therapist. Unique to other providers of orthotics, physical therapists have extensive training in the proper alignment of the foot and ankle and how it relates to the rest of the body. By properly aligning your foot and ankle, a physical therapist can create a custom orthotic device that best meets your needs.

Orthotics evaluations are available through the Physical Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Department at Adirondack Health. One of our skilled physical therapists can determine the cause of your pain, whether orthotics are necessary, and which device is best and most cost effective for your individual needs.

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