What to bring

Our caring staff will work to make your stay at AMC as comfortable as possible. Please keep in mind there are certain items you may want to bring with you to the hospital.

Insurance & Identification
Please bring identification and insurance information (such as Blue Cross, Medicare or Medicaid) with you when you come to the hospital. If you have already spoken to a nurse about your operation, they will already have your information, but it is best to have it with you in case there are questions.

This should include a Health Care Proxy or Living Will you may have in effect or wish to fill out before you visit.

Personal Items
You may bring items from home that may make you more comfortable during your stay. Items you may want to bring:

  • robe and slippers
  • eyeglasses and cases
  • hearing aids and cases
  • pajamas/nightgown
  • dentures
  • underclothes
  • personal toilet items

For your safety, personal radios and compact disc players must be battery operated.

Our Engineering Department will be glad to check your equipment for safety. If you are being monitored with electrical devices, please ask your nurse before using any electrical appliance.

Please do not bring any medication from home, unless your doctor or the preadmission testing nurse tells you to do so.
For your safety, please tell the nurse caring for you if you did bring your own medications from home. When you come to the hospital, please bring a complete list of your medicines and how much you are taking.

Valuable items, such as jewelry, watches and credit cards, should be left at home. The hospital cannot assume responsibility for them.
All body jewelry should also be removed before you come to the hospital.
We suggest that you bring only enough money to purchase magazines, newspapers and other incidentals.