Protection of volunteers in research studies

The Institutional Review Board is an extension of Adirondack Health’s commitment to providing safe, high-quality care, and provides physicians with the opportunity to pursue, study and evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments.

In addition to carefully reviewing and approving research involving volunteers, the IRB’s main goal is protecting the rights, well-being and privacy of patients and healthy volunteers. By having a locally established board, patients have access to clinical research studies on the forefront of medical advancement.

The review board is made up of men and women from diverse professional backgrounds, who volunteer their time to carefully review the research, documentation and related materials for each clinical study. When needed, the review board will seek outside expert opinion to guide ongoing discussions. In addition to Adirondack Health guidelines, the IRB ensures the research and study is in compliance with all federal and ethical rules, regulations and guidelines.

All research and documentation is vigorously reviewed before being approved by the review board. Likewise, only research or studies approved by the review board can be conducted at Adirondack Health or its affiliates.

For Medical Staff
Following are the Standard Operating Procedures for the IRB.  Click on the individual documents to review.

2017 meeting dates
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Advertising, recruitment and screening of study subjects
Study closeout
Emergency use of investigation
Expedited review procedures
Financial disclosure
Informed consent
IRB documentation flow
IRB fee structure
Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct
Monitors and auditors
Ongoing studies
Operation of the IRB
Payments to study subjects
Record keeping
Reporting serious adverse events
Study initiation
Termination of research