The hospitalist cares for you while you are in the hospital, and is in regular contact with your primary care doctor

Adirondack Health's continuum of care places a high priority on ensuring that every patient receives caring, competent and efficient treatment from the first moment of admittance to the time of their discharge from our care. This commitment is supported by our hospitalist program.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a medical professional who only cares for patients while they are in the hospital. These doctors or physician assistants care for patients from the time of admission through discharge.

How does it work?

The hospitalist program allows for your primary care physician to continually be aware of your progress when they are unable to be at the hospital.

When you are discharged from Adirondack Medical Center, the hospitalist will contact your primary care physician with a detailed report on your condition.

Upon discharge, your primary care physician will then resume responsibility for your care.

Why a hospitalist?

There are a variety of benefits for the patient, physicians and hospital associated with a hospitalist program.

In most cases, the patient's length of stay in the hospital can be shortened due to the immediate availability of the hospitalist on staff during the day.

There is no wait for patients to be admitted by their physician, and the hospitalist can immediately begin a treatment plan, such as ordering lab tests or medications.

A shorter recovery time allows patients to leave the hospital sooner, and, if needed, continue recovery in a more familiar and comfortable setting such as their home.

Our Hospitalists:

  • Joahd Touré, MD - Chief Medical Officer
  • Anthony F. Lombardi, MD - Medical Director, Hospitalist Services
  • Dean Chapman, MD
  • Mandeep Saluja, MD
  • William M. Viscardo Jr., MD
  • Sara Crystal, ACNP