Your health information when and where it's needed

Adirondack Health participates in a collaboration of health plans, hospitals, physician practices and other entities in a 17-county geography comprising the Capitol Region and northern New York, known as the Health Information Exchange of New York (HIXNY). The Health Information Exchange is different from the Health Insurance Exchanges that are being set up as part of the Affordable Care Act.

HIXNY provides secure technology infrastructures and services to enable participating physicians, hospitals, health plans, and other health-care providers to interact, share information resources, and conduct the business of health care in a collaborative manner. The goal is that your health-care provider will have instant, secure access to your medical information to help provide the best care in a medical emergency or routine office visit. Additional benefits include having accurate, up-to-date information, fewer duplicate tests, reduced risk of mistakes, easier second opinions and lower chance of drug interactions.

You may choose to sign up for the Health Information Exchange (HIXNY), which means that, with your permission, a doctor may share your important health information with other doctors within the exchange region. Prior to health information exchanges, your doctor's office shared this information by mail, fax, or phone, which took time and sometimes doctors did not get all the information they needed.

What do I need to do?

To participate in the health information exchange, you have the opportunity to opt-in the next time you see your primary care physician. You will be presented with the necessary paperwork and forms that allow you to opt-in to the health exchange.