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Our ethics committee provides guidance and support for important health care decisions

Making final choices about treatment options for ourselves and our loved ones is one of the most important and emotional health care decisions a person or a family can face. At Adirondack Health, our experienced medical services staff, our physicians and our specially trained ethics councilors are there to offer a helping hand.

To make an informed decision, patients, residents, or their surrogates need to know as much as possible about their diagnosis and their prognosis in order to weigh and benefits, risks and alternative treatment options. The Ethics Committee of Adirondack Health offers consultations on request for patients, residents, family members, and health caregivers, for the purpose of providing guidance and support when ethical or moral dilemmas arise in the course of care.

In some instances a patient or resident may lack capacity to make a medical decision. A surrogate decision maker named in a pre-planned Health Care Proxy or through a Living Will allows them the legal right to act on the patient's behalf.

The Ethics Committee does not make decisions for patients, residents, families or caregivers. Ethical dilemmas are not unusual and often patients, residents, families and caregivers need help and advice to work through them. An ethics consultation can provide a confidential, safe, and thoughtful forum intended to assist you and your caregiver with making sound decisions related to your care or the care of a loved one.

Membership of the Ethics Committee is comprised of doctors, nurses, administration, attorneys, clergy, Hospice, and other individuals representative of the communities we serve.

To request an Ethics Consultation, please contact:
Valerie Oliver, Secretary of the Ethics Committee, at (518) 897-2347.