Gain control of your diabetes through education

Diabetes is a manageable disease for those who have the knowledge needed to take charge of their own care.

Important aspects of that care include following a healthy meal plan, monitoring blood glucose levels and maintaining an active physical lifestyle. In many cases, medication is needed to keep glucose levels on target. Juggling all of these tasks can be daunting. Fortunately, there is help available to overcome these challenges. Diabetes education and training is provided at Adirondack Medical Center to help people learn more about diabetes with the latest information, the tools to manage the disease and the necessary support where needed.

Over six consecutive Wednesday evenings, all aspects of diabetic care will be covered from nutrition, exercise and medication, to prevention of chronic and acute complications. Come learn about following a healthy meal plan, how to monitor blood glucose levels and the importance of maintaining an active physical lifestyle for the best outcomes. Taught by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, registered nurses, a dietitian/certified diabetes educator, exercise specialist, registered nurse/certified diabetes educator and a pharmacist, each 2-hour session is designed to provide the latest information along with the tools and support needed to manage diabetes.

The Diabetes Self-Management Program will teach you how to take steps to control diabetes and lower the risks of complications. A physician referral is needed for insurance and Medicare or Medicaid coverage of the program. Scholarships are provided by the Adirondack Health Foundation. For more information or to register, call the Diabetes Education Department at (518) 897-2611. 

This program is accredited by the ADA and sponsored by the Adirondack Health Foundation.