Childbirth Education Classes

Adirondack Health's Childbirth Education Classes are designed to answer the many questions expecting mothers have about their pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care.

Complimentary & Integrative Medicine Resources

Sometimes the health information available online can be overwhelming. Adirondack Health has identified several sites that provide accurate and reliable information.

Decker Community Learning Center

The Decker Community Learning Center provides individual education sessions and reference resources on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Electronic Medical Records

In the past, your doctor kept a paper chart. Now, with electronic medical records, a doctor or other healthcare provider will enter your health information into a secure computer record.

Ethics Consultation

At Adirondack Health, our experienced medical services staff, our physicians and our specially trained ethics councilors are there to offer a helping hand.

Insurance Enrollment

Understanding what insurance programs are available to you and your family can be confusing. As a founding member of the Uninsured Task Force, Adirondack Health is committed to improving access to health insurance in our area.

Health Information Exchange

Ensuring instant, secure access to your medical information to help provide the best care in a medical emergency or routine office visit.

Health Information Management

The Health Information Management department provides timely, secure and responsive access to your personal medical records.


A Hospitalist is a medical professional who only cares for patients while they are in the hospital. These doctors or physician assistants care for patients from the time of admission through discharge.

Quality & Recognition

Information generated from patient surveys is used by AMC to make improvements to the quality of care at the hospital.